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Welcome to Computer Mind Service
where we can teach you everything about Computers

Computer Mind Service will help you Master your Computer
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First time Computer User ?
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Let us help you Master your Computer
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Browsing the Internet
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Setting up and using your email account ie logo
Working with Windows
The Desktop
Key Features of a Window
Understanding the Filing System
Understanding File Names and Types
The Search Feature
Add or Remove Programs
Disk Cleanup
Disk Defragmenter
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Ebay (Buying or Selling)
PayPal (Account Setup)
   Sending and Receving Money from and to your bank account Using PayPal
languages logo Understanding Programming Languages
tv logo Listing, Buying, Selling tv logo We Accept Contract Work
tv logo Connecting your Computer to your TV, no need for DVD players anymore camera logo camera logo Digital camera, or backup your pictures on a DVD
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Setting up your Online banking,
Paying all your bills online
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Setting up your Computer to have a (Phone line and Answering Machine)
Call anywhere in United States and Canada for FREE
Take voice messages like an answering machine on your PC
Computer Mind Service Can Teach You The Following Computer Languages
Languages You will Learn Languages You will Learn
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Types,Operators and Expressions
Control Flow
Functions and Program Structure
Pointers and Arrays
Input and Output
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Introduction to .NET: What it is and why you'd want to use it. C# Fundamentals: Basic classes, declarations, conditionals, loops, arrays, strings, enumerations, structures, and Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, Exceptions Input, Output, and Serialization: System.IO, Directory and File Types, StreamReaders and StreamWriters, working with binary data, configuring objects for serialization
VisualBasic logo User Interface Variables, Constants, and Calculations Decisions and Conditions Menus, Common Dialog Controls, Context Menus, Sub Procedures and Functions Lists and Loops Arrays and Collections Databases Programming C++_Language logo
Types and Declarations
Pointers, Arrays, and Structures
Expressions and Statements
Functions, Source Files and Programs
Classes, Operator Overloading, Derived Classes
Exception Handling
java logo Introduction to Java Applications The Java Programming Environment Fundamental Programming Structures in Java Objects and Classes in Java Inheritance Exceptions and Exception Handling in Java Streams and Files java logo Introduction to programming logic and the Fortran language Introduction to Force 2.0.9 and Fortran code formatting Application of simple IF statements IF-ELSE and GOTO structures Simple DO loops, both styles Nested DO loops and DO-IF structures Strategy for writing a simple engineering program from scratch Basic debugging Subroutines and functions Variable types and declarations Using double precision throughout a program Array variables File access and modification Formatted input/output
java logo Plan and develop XHTML documents to build a Web site Employ hot links and GIF/JPEG images to enhance the usability and appeal of XHTML documents. Build HTML tables in a Web page. Using Multimedia in a Web Site. Develop Web page Forms. Manage the visual presentation of a Web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


Computer Mind Service ♦ San Diego, CA ♦ (619) 665 - 9872 ♦
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